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Regional Electricity Outlook

New England is unquestionably on the path to a clean-energy future.

While decarbonizing the electricity industry is well underway, the journey to electrify millions of vehicles, homes, and buildings with low-to-no-carbon energy has really only just begun. The ISO believes that the New England states can achieve their clean-energy goals by harnessing the same competitive wholesale markets forces that have kept the region’s power system reliable and at the least-cost for the past two decades.

ISO New England’s unique role gives it an objective, bird’s-eye view of trends that could have an impact on the region’s power system. Read the 2020 Regional Electricity Outlook (REO) to learn about the decarbonization journey happening in New England and how the ISO is working to ensure a reliable power system and competitive wholesale electricity markets that will enable the clean-energy transition.

For updated facts and statistics cited in the REO, view our Key Grid and Markets Stats pages.


Download the 2020 REO
(February 2020)

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Other Helpful Facts and Figures

New England Power Grid 2019–2020 Profile

A two-page overview of the six-state region’s wholesale electric power industry

New England Power Grid State Profiles 2019–2020

A two-page summary of power resources, demand, and environmental goals by state

ISO Express

A wide variety of viewable and downloadable reports, charts, and other public data available to market participants and other interested stakeholders

Seasonal System Outlook

The ISO’s expectations for electricity supplies and system conditions during the current spring, summer, fall, or winter

Projects and Planning

Projects and Planning

Annual Work Plan

The report outlining the planning/operations, markets, and capital projects we have planned for the year, as well as their expected timelines and outcomes

Wholesale Markets Project Plan

Details on the specific ISO projects underway and planned to enhance the region’s wholesale electricity markets

Regional System Plan

The report detailing the projected future load, resource, and transmission needs of New England’s power system on a 10-year horizon

Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Our Three Critical Roles

How the ISO runs New England’s power system, administers its wholesale electricity marketplace, and manages long-term regional system planning


The ISO’s annual operating and capital budgets and development materials

Financial and Performance Reports

The ISO’s formal financial statements and audit reports

Corporate Governance

About the people and policies behind the ISO

Older REO Reports

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2016 Regional Electricity Outlook 03/01/2016 PDF 2.71MB
2015 Regional Electricity Outlook 02/26/2015 PDF 4.39MB
2014 Regional Electricity Outlook 02/25/2014 PDF 8MB
2013 Regional Electricity Outlook 01/31/2013 PDF 6MB
2011-2012 Regional Electricity Outlook 06/30/2011 PDF 4MB
2010 Regional Electricity Outlook 06/25/2010 PDF 8MB
2009 Regional Electricity Outlook 05/20/2009 PDF 3MB
2008 Regional Electricity Outlook 04/30/2008 PDF 819KB